26 May

Branson still getting good press

While college spring football has wrapped up and is waiting on fall camp to get here, NFL teams are currently practicing, and Marquez Branson is still being talked about by the Denver press. He’s seen time at fullback, tight end, H-back and split out wide.

Despite “gale force winds” on Monday, the Broncos continued on with passing camp, and Branson caught one of just a few complete passes of the day:

Tim Tebow completed 2 of 3 including a gorgeous, downwind out pattern to tight end Marquez Branson.

Here’s another account of the day’s action:

Marquez Branson continued to get involved in the offense, taking a few snaps at fullback but mostly participating as a pass-catching tight end. During 7-on-7s, he made one of the only catches of the afternoon despite the wind, leaping over a linebacker to haul in a catch. It even drew “ooohs” from some of the media since so many other passes had fallen incomplete.

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